Industry Focus

Protecting the Environment

Where there is greatest neglect, there is the greatest need. The combination of environmental neglect, the drive for economic expansion and  uncontrolled population growth has required solutions to protect the world’s environment and  meet its thirst for energy.

We track developments in non-pollutive technologies and in the conversion of waste to energy.

Natural Resources

Demand for the world’s scarce resources has  generated opportunities in its supply chain.  

We are active in intermediating between  suppliers and buyers of basic natural resources.

Aircraft Financing

Asia’s aviation industry, led by China and India, is projected to grow five-fold by 2030 to become larger than today’s North American market accounting for more than 35% of the world’s demand for airplanes.

We seek opportunities with strategic partners in Asia to create investment opportunities in aircraft financing and related infrastructure.


Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Production operations are mostly in remote locations. Marine logistics infrastructure are essential supports to E&P programs, which rely on confidential reserves data in the domain of O&G customers.

We can bridge this gap by providing intelligent financing solutions that de-risk investment in marine infrastructure, with the cooperation of O&G customers and the host Government.